Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry

A Year of

Transformation through Service with Others

Healthcare. Social Service. Education.

                           Baltimore, MD | Richmond, VA         

Our Mission

Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry, sponsored by the Sisters of Bon Secours, provides the opportunity for women and men to participate in the Sisters’ commitment to justice in radical solidarity with the poor, the suffering, and those most in need. By sharing the Bon Secours charism of compassion, healing, and liberation, the ministry nurtures and sustains individuals in their personal and communal journeys towards transformation through service with others.

I chose BSVM for a few reasons. The biggest reason was to get exposure to clinical medicine to determine whether or not I wanted to go to medical school or pursue another route. I didn't do a lot of shadowing or hospital volunteering while in college, and I knew that BSVM would be a great way to immerse myself in that environment. Additionally, I was excited to move to a different part of the country. I grew up and attended college in Massachusetts, and I was ready to get out of my comfort zone. I never expected to live in the city, so I thought it would be a good challenge to live in the heart of Baltimore (I love it now!). Finally, I really wanted to immerse myself in service. I grew so much as an individual while doing service in college, and BSVM was a great way to throw myself wholeheartedly into service. It was the best decision I could have made!

— -Patrick O’Neil, 13-14

I chose BSVM because we had the opportunity to live within the community that we were serving, a quality that I think is rare among service programs. I also was interested in the healthcare aspect of this program, that once again I don't think many other service programs offer. I had the least medical related position of our year, but I liked the idea of being part of a greater healthcare system. I also liked the intimacy of this program over others, with Baltimore being the only location, and only 5-6 volunteers at a time I knew that all of the focus would be on us, and that we wouldn't get "lost in the shuffle" of a larger program.

— -Alexis DiGasso, 14-15

BSVM was the only urban-based program to offer substantive opportunities in a hospital setting. And I was not let down.

— -Jonathan Bettle, 08-09

BSVM exemplified a spirit of solidarity with both the community I was living with and the community I was working with. BSVM did a good job meshing these two components to really make the experience meaningful both professionally and personally.

— Eugene Kim, 12-13

BSVM was one of the only domestic programs I found that was more focused on healthcare and medicine with direct patient care. I also found that it was a good balance of religious and spiritual. Further, I enjoyed the heavier focus on living in community. I didn't want to live in a city and volunteer but otherwise live a life unchanged, I wanted to fully immerse myself in a new experience.

— Katy Fallavollita, 10-11
We are called by God and sent by the Church to reproduce in ourselves:
Christ healing... Christ consoling... Christ always aware of the needs of others.