Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry

Application: Part I

Thank you for your interest in applying to serve with Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry!

The application process involves two parts: a brief Contact form, and the formal application.  You will find both of these below.  We ask that you fill out a Contact Form whenever you become interested in the program, even if you are not sure you want to apply.  When we receive this Contact Form, we will be in touch with you to schedule a Preliminary Discussion, where we can help you discern if this program would be a good fit for you.  If you have already decided to apply, please fill out the Contact Form so that we can have your information.  Please also download the application from the bottom of this page to complete and send back to the Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry office.

February 15—Priority Deadline. Applications received by this postmarked date will be considered in our first round of applicants.

March 15—Round Two Deadline. Applications received by this postmarked date will be considered in our second round of applicants.

April 15— Late Submissions Deadline.

Note: the contact form and preliminary interview (details above) must be completed before submitting the full application.

After April 15th, contact our office directly to see if there is space left in the program.  If you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to contact us.  For more detailed application instructions, see our Application Information page.

Application: Part I

  • Contact Information

  • Area of Interest

    Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry specializes in health care, education, and social service. Please indicate which of these three ministry fields is your preferred area of interest by ranking them below. Place a "1" under your first choice, a "2" under your second choice and a "3" under your third choice.
  • Other Information

Please download the application to complete and return to BSVM.  You will also need to download and return references from an Employer, Mentor, and Peer.

We are called by God and sent by the Church to reproduce in ourselves:
Christ healing... Christ consoling... Christ always aware of the needs of others.